Monday, June 4, 2018

Ramon Magsaysay Pre Selling Sta. Mesa Manila Townhouse

R. Magsaysay Sta. Mesa Manila Pre Selling Townhouses - Avail our June Special Investment Promo plus additional Discount for Spot Cash Purchase.

Commercial Residential Townhouses
2-3 Car Garage
4 BR Plus Maids Room
4 Toilets and Baths
Under Construction. Target Turnover  1st Quarter 2019
Completion: January 2019     
Unit No. Car Garage Dev.Area Lot Area Investment Price STATUS "Special Investment Price
(valid only for FIRST 4 Buyers only)"  SAVINGS
Commercial Building  TCP                     PROMO  SAVINGS
CB  1053.77 232.05 79,040,000 AVAILABLE 76,930,000 P2.110M
Units with common driveway     
1 3 - Car 261.38 89.44 19,610,000 AVAILABLE 19,090,000 P520K
2 2 - Car 191.8 60.60 14,390,000 AVAILABLE 14,010,000 P380K
3 3 - Car 285.31 97.38 21,400,000 AVAILABLE 20,830,000 P570K
4 2 - Car 190.35 60.60 14,280,000 AVAILABLE 13,900,000 P380K
5 2 - Car 245.66 78.26 18,430,000 AVAILABLE 17,940,000 P490K
6 2 - Car 190.2 60.52 14,270,000 AVAILABLE 13,890,000 P380K
7 2 - Car 220.11 73.77 16,510,000 AVAILABLE 16,070,000 P440K
8 2 - Car 180.91 56.67 13,570,000 AVAILABLE 13,210,000 P360K
9 2 - Car 224.01 74.01 16,810,000 AVAILABLE 16,360,000 P450K
10 3 - Car 266.55 83.75 20,000,000 AVAILABLE 19,460,000 P540K

JUNE 2018 PROMO     
SPOT CASH PROMO:  5% disc. on Total Selling Price
BANK LOAN (PBB,UCPB, BPI) Option 1: 5% disc. on Spot down (15 days)
                             Option 2: 7 mos. stretch down
BANK LOAN (Other Banks): No Discount

Enjoy quiet comfort in the heart of Manila
Enjoy quiet comfort at One Magsaysay Place, an upcoming exclusive residential enclave in  Manila  featuring a variety of units with premium finishing.

Janet C. Borja Lic. Broker
0917-828-9128 / 0922-828-9128

Saturday, May 12, 2018

One Magsaysay - Ramon Magsaysay Pre Selling Townhouses

Sta. Mesa Manila Commercial Residential Townhouses

Experience the great splendor of living within the heart of Manila City that brings you to all directions of the rest of the metro.  All the luxuries of living in the ultimate comfort and security within a very serene residential community made up of modern designed structures guaranteed to meet even the most discerning of families.  Constructed with only grade-A materials, each unit boasts of very spacious developed areas to maximize contentment and further reassures a secure living environment.  Another big consideration is the actual location which provides access by way of either private or public vehicles made possible by main and feeder roads that lead to all directions, which makes it a very practical choice for families who lead a dynamic lifestyle.  Aside from these, there is also the great benefit of having access to nearby well-known commercial and business establishments, schools, churches, hospitals and others.  

When we decide to move ourselves and our families to the best environment possible, there are a lot of important matters to consider.  This community does not only provide all the best there is to offer in terms of comfort, security and real assurance, but it also gives us the opportunity to live our lives the way it was really meant to be, filled with nothing but remarkable experiences that continue to remind us of how precious our day-to-day lives are.

For interested parties, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and know about our pre-selling offers and other detailed information.  There is nothing more than being able to provide only the best for our families. 

Janet C. Borja Lic. Real Estate Broker
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Monday, February 5, 2018

R. Magsaysay Manila Townhouses Pre Selling

Commercial Residential Townhouses in Manila - R. Magsaysay Blvd neighboring Sta. Mesa, Altura and Stop and Shop.  Deliverables and materials reference.

1 Commercial Unit Facing R. Magsaysay
10 Residential Units - Compound with common Gate and Driveway

Call 0917-828-9128 / 0922-828-9128 for more info.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

R. Magsaysay Boulevard, Manila Townhouses for Sale

Brand new townhouse units for sale within the center of Manila that is located along a main avenue and is accessible by public transportation on a 24-hour basis and is just minutes away to Quezon City, San Juan, Mandaluyong and other nearby cities.  You also have easy access to major commercial and business establishments, schools, churches and hospitals.  All residential units have a 2-car garage and has an average of 165-231square meters of developed area.  With its very reasonable costs, these are guaranteed to meet even the most discerning when it comes to structural design and quality of workmanship.  Only made of high-grade building materials coupled with a modern and contemporary design, it definitely boasts to be a level above the others.

For those interested parties, please do not hesitate to inquire from us and we will be more than glad to provide further details and information.

Janet C. Borja Lic. Broker 12180
0917-828-9128 / 0922-828-9128

Ramon Magsaysay Pre Selling Sta. Mesa Manila Townhouse

R. Magsaysay Sta. Mesa Manila Pre Selling Townhouses - Avail our June Special Investment Promo plus additional Discount for Spot Cash Pu...